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Grand Opening Beer Fridge Thao Dien

We would like to announce our GRAND OPENING this weekend! Join us on Friday 22 May from 5pm - 10pm & Saturday 23 May from 1pm - 10pm.

At Beer Fridge we always find a reason to celebrate, so cheers to our new shop!

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Thanks to our brewery partners we have lots of great beers this weekend: Heineken, Bira91, Tê Tê, Bia Hoi, Furbrew & Heart Of Darkness provide FREE BEER for everyone in collaboration with Beer Fridge!

Tell your liver to get ready, because this is gonna be a fun weekend! 

Heart of Darkness Craft Brewery is Asia’s premium craft beer brewery. On Saturday you can taste their End of the World IIPA at our opening! It’s a fairly hazy beer with 8.2% alcohol.

Tê Tê Brewing brews delicious craft beer, here in Saigon. You get to try their signature White Ale! It’s a Belgian-style wheat beer. It’s light and the orange peel, with a touch of coriander makes it very refreshing.

Indian beer brewery Bira 91 sponsors their delicious White Ale this weekend! It’s low on the bitterness scale, with a soft finish. You can try this refreshing ‘all day beer’ at our opening.

Heineken is famous for their pale lager beer with 5% alcohol. It’s the perfect go-to beer and will be available all day on both Opening days!

Furbrew is the first independent craft brewery in Hanoi, Vietnam and has been in operation since early 2016. It’s our honor to introduce you a to their New Furbrew Coffee! We are excited to share this experience with you on Saturday!

Bia Hoi Hanoi brings their iconic Hanoian beer to our Opening! The draft beer made its appearance in Hanoi during the colonial period with Indochina Breweries and Coolers. You don’t want to miss it.

Weekend forecast: Expect heavy drinking! There will be lots of delicious cold beer, a Beer Pong tournament with prizes and snacks like our signature Beer Fridge Beef Jerky!

Our Game Plan:

5pm - 7pm: Bira 91 White KEG PARTY
7pm - 9pm: Tê Tê White Ale KEG PARTY
All day: Heineken

1pm - 3pm: Release of new Bia Hoi
3pm - 4pm: Release of new Furbrew Coffee
4pm - 6pm: Heart of Darkness KEG PARTY
6pm - finish: Bira 91 White KEG PARTY
All day: Heineken

We can’t wait to see your Beer Pong skills in action! Let’s see who wins. Hope to see you at our Grand Opening!

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