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Return Policy

Beer Fridge specifies the requirements for return policy, the product able to return and the return processing time follow the requirements listed below:

a. Accepted returns

  • Products are delivered in wrong quantities, information and designs compared to orders.
  • Product defect due to manufacturer errors (quality failures, different from the manufacturer's published quality standards) or faults during transport.

b. Return conditions

Products are intact, fully labeled, original, sealed with the original specifications. The product is defective or damaged or no longer fully labeled, no longer intact or damaged, loss of sealing will not be accepted.

The product must not have stained, unusual smell, or signs of use, the determination of the product's condition will be determined by In case the disagreement occurs between Customer and about the final decision of the product's condition, the product will be handed by an authorized third party for review and evaluation.

The customer must have a proof of purchase at

In case, the product is sold along with accompanying items ex. Additional gifts

Customers must return the product as the same when he/she bought it.

  • In case of goods damaged from outside that able for visible check(such as wrong delivery of quantities, detail label, models; bad quality, not full labels, lost sealing, etc.): The Customer must immediately notify the delivery party and refuse to receive. In case, the Customer purchases directly at the office of it is a must to notify the sales staff of Beer Fridge.
  • In case of damage to the quality of goods (the goods are dirty inside, unusual smell, signs of used, etc.). Customer must contact within 3 (three) days from the date the product is delivered or sold.