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Hoegaarden is a Belgian beer brand and brewery, founded in in the Belgian village Hoegaarden.
"Always do well from the smallest things to bring maximum benefits to customers" it is that "Prestige" guarantee that creates the brand FBT.
Connecting the best aspect of traditional beer brewing and modern craft beers utilities, in combination with our passion and love for beer we have created some of the most exciting beers.
North American style craft beers brewed in the heart of Northern Vietnam...for us "The North" is in our very soul.
Homie Brewhouse is a small nano brewery with a capacity of 250 liter. So its small and kind of secret!
Established in 2018 by the passionate people who share a big love for craft beer and the dream of bringing the quintessence of Vietnamese ingredients together with Western beer culture. The leading craft beer in Hanoi was born, called Bross Beer.
bẮC is the newest brewery on the scene in Hanoi. After deciding roughly a year ago they wanted to make some beer, they began their search around Hanoi for a facility to use.
The Brewing Project is an initiative of Beervana, an important regional player in the world of craft beer in Southeast Asia.
C-Brewmaster is a leading Vietnamese craft brewery founded in 2016. This is the place where a team of beer lovers with more than 20 years of managerial experience from global corporate.
Mekong Brewing Company was founded by Robert Stevenson when he decided to begin home-brewing after moving to Saigon, Vietnam.
THOM BREWERY was founded in 2016 by the brothers sharing the same passion with craft beer, with the dream of bringing the best of Vietnamese ingredients combine with the westerner craft beer culture.
Steersman uses high quality ingredients and passion to brew every batch of beer. Their slogan “Steer Your Own Life” aims to encourage people to explore new things. 
Inspired by Ireland’s west coast, and the people that dwell there, we looked to Galway, regarded by many as the capital of Irish culture.
Deme Brewing integrates their appreciation of street culture with their love for craft beer to provide a lifestyle experience.
At Overmorrow Brewing they craft beers to promote and honor classic styles throughout history – while updating them for the present and the future here in Vietnam.
Step into the Wildside and embark a tasty journey with the wildest product in town.
HCMC's very first in-house microbrewery and kitchen concept brewing handcrafted beers using premium ingredients from the East to the West.
MixTape Beverage Co. is dedicated to the pursuit of F.U.N. – FRESH, UNIQUE, and NEVER-BORING products.
LAC Brewing Co. started in late 2015, bringing American craft brewing innovation combining with local tropical ingredients.
Origins crafts modern bia with a sense of place. Their aim is to create beers which showcase different regions and the agriculture of Vietnam.
Bazan Brewing is a small brewery which has been experimenting with fermentation of local fruits since 2013.
Sài Gòn Cider, combining the tastes of Vietnam with authentic British cider-making since 2013.
Leffe is a premium beer brand owned by InBev Belgium, founded in 1152.
Duvel is enjoyed literally all around the world (in over 60 countries) by countless beer lovers.
Beer Fridge now has their own beef jerky! Only natural preservatives, keep cold, high protein, low-fat snack, gluten-free.
A refreshingly modern beer brand, imagined in India, Bira 91 aspires to bring flavorful beers to the new world.
Platinum beer is a brand of pure craft beer of Vietnam which was first launched in 2014.
Rooster Beers are passionate brewers of classic beers. With Rooster Beer, it's always the year of the Rooster.
Pasteur Street Brewing Co.opened their first Tap Room ‘The Original’ in January 2015 in Saigon at 144 Pasteur Street.
HOPRIZON is a local brewery whose mission is to share and spread the love of Craft Beer to young Vietnamese and international friends.
Fuzzy Logic is an American style craft brewery in Vietnam. They have been making American IPAs, Blonde Ales, and Pale Ales since 2014 in Vietnam.
7 Bridges launched with 7 original bridge themed beers and are continuously releasing new bridge beers to the market.
Belgo is a Belgian craft beer brewery, offering a full Belgian food & beer experience!
Hanoi Cider Co. started with a couples passion and craving for craft cider.
Tê Tê Brewing was started in 2015 by four friends who wanted to change the beer landscape in Vietnam.
The story begins during Founder & CEO John Pemberton’s time living in New York City during the 2000’s.
FURBREW is the first independent craft brewery in Hanoi, Vietnam and has been in operation since early 2016.
In 2016 two groups of friends visited Saigon and were captivated by the craft beer scene and the possibilities it offered.