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Fuel by Passion - Brew with Courage - Drink with Curiosity

HOPRIZON is a local brewery whose mission focuses on sharing and spreading the love of Craft Beer to young Vietnamese and international friends.

Their brand, HOP - RIZON, is comprised of two key words HOPS and HORIZON. HOPS, to their founders, is the star ingredient of all great beer which creates aroma, bitterness and burst of flavor. In short, it is the essential factor that gives a beer its “Personality”.

HORIZON represents a person’s dream - goal - ambition in life; one can see the Horizon, but can not touch or reach it until one makes an effort to chase and speeding toward it with determination and consistence. This is a perfect metaphor for the attitude and value that we stand for which is - “Dare to Dream, Dare to pursuit your Dream”.

All together, HOPRIZON describe the spirit of a go getter, someone with strong character, who works hard and will not stop until his/her mission or dream is fulfilled. This is the philosophy of most remarkable individuals throughout history!

Their purpose of existence is not only about making brewlliant beer that fits with local taste and market demand. In fact, they are here hoping to provide inspiration and encouragement for those who are seeking their way and striving hard to realize their dreams.

So the next time you sip on a HOPRIZON beer, they hope you find the passion - courage - curiosity you need to continue the pursuit whatever you heart desires.

78,000 VND