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Christmas Beer 2021

Christmas is here. And you need a good beer . This year we made a barrel aged spiced dark ale. We decorated the bottle with a *Nisse", a kind of Elf living in the Nordic countries. They live up in the attic at farmhouses, and they protect the family, the crop and the livestock, but only if you treat them nice. And they see everything. A big portion of rice porrigde with butter and cinnamon is the classic serving for the "Nisse" on Christmas eve. And of course a beer! A good beer. One for him, and one for you. Pstt. A secret. The beer for him, you can take the day after. And the cat or the dog will happily eat the porridge. No 'Nisse" in Vietnam.
Barrel Aged Spiced Dark Ale
330ml - Bottle
72,000 VND
Beer Fridge - Hanoi
Beer Fridge - Hanoi

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