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Bringing the taste of Vietnamese specialty to create extremely unique craft beer. The slight bitterness at IBU = 18 and the alcohol content of 4.6% create a harmonious overall level when drinking.

  • Origin: Viet Nam
  • Alcohol content: 4.6%
  • Color: Gold
  • Capacity: 330ml

Pho Beer is a great success of Furbrew when accepting the challenge of bringing the taste of food to the beer. The smell of cinnamon, coriander gives a distinct aroma of pho, but the bitterness and alcohol content will leave you feeling intoxicated as a reminder that you are drinking beer. This may not be a perfect choice for gathering drunkenness but sipping a cup is great.

Furbrew Bia Pho

The umami taste from the broth is imitated by some light roasted malts. The fice big spices are added, as well as a fast infusion of some hot chillies.
Pale Ale
Bottle (330ml)
75,000 VND
56,000 VND
Buy 24 bottles for 1,858,000 VND
Beer Fridge - Thao Dien
Beer Fridge - Thao Dien

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