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Rooster Beers

Founded in 2015, they started as a very small operation in Vietnam. They knew they wanted to make great beers of substance, but they didn’t quite know how. All they had was their do-it-yourself spirit. It was difficult to get the ingredients and equipment they needed, but they figured out how. They built their own 150L fermentation system from scratch, as well as a tiny cold room to ferment the beer. All this was done on a small patch of land, in Can Gio. A year and a half later, their capacity grew to 2000L.

They are passionate brewers of classic beers. They set up shop in Vietnam because - like the country itself - they value community, hard work, resourcefulness, and a good time. With Rooster Beer, it's always the year of the Rooster.

49,000 VND
51,000 VND
264,000 VND 176,000 VND
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