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The Tasting Experience

East West - Saigon Rose
This crisp and light bodied wheat ale contains a refreshing acidity and luscious fruit forward profile of fresh raspberries. Pink rose hues and berry perfumes, the Craft Beer Saigon Rosé delivers a crisp, clean, and subtle sweetness that is perfect for the start of this Tasting Experience.

Steersman - Flying Bee Honey Ale
This Honey ale is made from premium Da Lat honey with floral and sweet taste that perfectly matches the Ale and brings a hint of honey aroma on top to fully complete the sweet experience in harmony with belgian yeast that adds fruity aroma with a slightly spicy character and refreshing, drinkable taste to the beer and is a perfect second on the Tasting Experience.

Furbrew Lemon Grass Wheat
Furbrew wanted a beer to match the freshness of Vietnamese food. The seafood, the nems, the salads, the herbs.

Furbrew made this easy drinking wheat beer, where the sweetness and mouthfeel of the wheat beer is enhanced by the contrast of the fresh lemongrass and a touch of fresh kumquat peel.

Great for food, but great for balconies and beaches too and a good interlude from the first beers into the 2nd half of the Tasting Experience.

Tê Tê - Juicy Peach Ale (New)
TÊ TÊ Juicy Peach Ale is a fruity explosion. It's a lighter take on their classic white ale, loaded with peach juice for a sweet, fruity finish & an aroma that reminds one of biting into a ripe, cold peach on a hot summer's day.

MixTape - Peaches and Cream
Fruity, Tropical, Bright and Bursting with aromas of peaches and citrus, and layered on a creamy body, this New England IPA is bright, bold, and makes drinkers scream for more while venturing into both sweet and sour from the peaches and citrus in this Tasting Experience.

Heart of Darkness - Loose Rivet
Heart of Darkness' biggest, hoppiest beer. A wonderfully vibrant beer, with grapefruit and piney tones, 7 kinds of hops that delivers a full-blown assault on your taste buds. This is a big, but beautifully balanced IPA, with a bright and fun bitter flavor - a true hop head's delight and the perfect end of the Tasting Experience.

Tasting Experience @ Home

We challenged Thomas from Furbrew to handpick 6 amazing beers from our Beer Fridge assortment for our first Tasting Experience @ Home 6 pack.

Thomas wrote:

“I have gladly accepted the challenge to curate the first 6 pack from Beer Fridge.

I have chosen six beers I would drink with a good friend a night in a bar. Five beers that all left an impact on me first time I had them, and one new one. Always add a new one!”

The beers are:

1. East West - Saigon Rose

2. Steersman - Flying Bee Honey Ale

3. Furbrew - Lemon Grass Wheat

4. Tê Tê - Juicy Peach Ale (New)

5. MixTape - Peaches and Cream

6. Heart of Darkness - Loose Rivet

“As you can see. I like my beers aromatic, and often innovative. And I love the variation new breweries give to the already high quality craft beer scene in Vietnam.”

2 FREE Glasses from Heart Of Darkness are Included in this Tasting Experience @ Home 6 pack. HOD is also represented in the Tasting Experience @ Home with one of our favorite IPA’s here at Beer Fridge.

Beer Fridge - Thao Dien
Beer Fridge - Thao Dien

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