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Sundowners Hard On Seltzr
This stunning White Peach Yuzu hard seltzer is fresh, fruity, and fantastic any time of day.

Rekorderlig Wild Berries Cider
Bursting with the freshest fruit flavors and aromas of wild blueberries and raspberries.

Rekorderlig Strawberry Lime
Made from the purest Swedish spring water, perfectly chilled, perfectly fruity.

Bazan Hibiscus Cider
This is a tart, tropical drink with a hint of raspberry and rhubarb. Infused with local spices from Vietnam.

Saigon Cider Apple & Ginger
Medium & sparkling organic apple with a punch of Ca Mau ginger.

WildSide Lemongrass Hard Soda
Freshly squeezed juicy lemons, local sugar cane, young lemongrass and a splash of alcohol blended to perfection.

Fuzzy Logic Hard Lemonade
Refreshing and full of life! It’s citrus, sour, and sweet.

Fuzzy Logic Pink Lemonade 
A powerful mix of raspberries and lime, with zero after taste and a gorgeous color, the flavor is similar to the original Hard Lemonade.

All Day Drinkers Bundle

Use your down time to expand your horizon and try lots of new seltzers, ciders and hard sodas. Let's start with these drinks, perfect for any time of the day. I mean, it's 5 o'clock somewhere!
457,000 VND
Beer Fridge - Thao Dien
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Beer Fridge - Thao Dien

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