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MixTape Beverage Co. is dedicated to the pursuit of F.U.N. – FRESH, UNIQUE, and NEVER-BORING products. In the spirit of all great artisans they bring creativity to everything they do, and never settle for mediocrity. They are dedicated to the highest quality, the utmost customer service, and the undying pursuit of originality.

They take their sipping… seriously.

MixTape Peaches & Cream is bursting with aromas of peaches & citrus fruit and layered on a creamy body, this New World IPA is bright, bold and makes drinkers scream for more.

This beer is named after the song 'Peaches & Cream' by Beck. 

Style: NEIPA | ABV: 6.9% | IBU: 40

MixTape Molly is a medium bodied milk stout with hints of coffee, chocolate, and whisky. Enjoy as the sun goes down, or as the sun rises, all times are great for Molly. This light milk stout designed for the heat of SE Asia. Like a sweet light Irish whiskey!

Molly is inspired by the song 'Molly Malone' by The Dubliners. Alive, alive, oh..! 

Style: Stout | ABV: 4.4% | IBU: 15

MixTape California Sun is an easy drinking pale ale with a juicy backbone of wheat and oats that lets the orange shine through! A juicy pale ale, perfect for hot days and long nights. A modern twist on a classic style, a fruit salad in a bottle!

This one is named after the famous Ramones song 'California Sun'. 

Style: Pale Ale | ABV: 5.4% | IBU: 20

MixTape Mixed 6 pack + 1 glass + 1 sticker + 3 coasters FOR FREE

Buy 6 MixTape beers for the price of 5 and get FREE MERCHANDISE

Get your hands on it NOW to receive 1 glass, 1 sticker and 3 coasters FOR FREE! 

This bundle includes:

2 x Molly
2 x Peaches & Cream IPA
2 x California Sun
1 x MixTape Glass
1 x MixTape Peaches & Cream Sticker
3 x MixTape Coasters
Bottle (330ml)
345,000 VND
Beer Fridge - Thao Dien
Beer Fridge - Thao Dien

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