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7 BRIDGES Beach Blonde Ale
Bright, refreshing, and crisp, Beach Blonde Ale is the perfect beer for a day at the beach or an evening with friends. Gently hopped with Willamette hops, the king and of aroma hops, to lend a spicy floral and fruity note to a simply great beer. Awards. Bronze Medal in Golden Ale Category Asia Beer Fest Singapore 2019. Bronze medal in Pale Ale Category, Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Competition 2019.

Bắc - Cascade
American pale ale single hopped with cascade and dry-hopped with cascade. Expect a bitter, floral, juicy beer with notes of pine and citrus. Can condition. Hazy.

Brewed with kumquat, Persian lime, cumin, and a careful selection of hops and malts, this light refreshing beer will charm you with its perfect balance and unique character. The perfect choice to quench your thirst on a hot day.
The beer is hazy, straw color, with a huge sparkling white foam.
Refreshing, inviting - citrus flavors harmonize with orange zest and coriander. Smooth light malt mixed with fruitiness from the yeast character.

Cam Wit, a classic Belgian Witbier, is brewed from wheat with barley malt, then seasoned not only with hops but also with classic witbier spices: coriander and orange peel.

Leann on Mía is a classic 80-shilling “Export” Ale with caramelized local sugarcane to bring out natural toffee flavors. Low in alcohol content but high in crisp and refreshing flavor.

Single hop pale ale showcasing Mosaic from the US. Pale gold in color. Lush tangerine and mango on the nose. Medium, balanced body. Finishes with big, juicy notes of peach, citrus, and a hint of blueberry.

Hanoi Summer Bundle

The Hanoi heat is coming, so let us suggest 6 brilliant beers for this hot weather.

We have chosen: Two wheat beers, Belgo and Homie. A refreshing hop-packed ale from bẮC, a classic from Heart of Darkness, one a bit experimental, from Overmorrow Brewing, and a bright, refreshing, crisp, Beach Blonde Ale from 7 Bridges.
Bottle (330ml)
397,000 VND
330,000 VND
Beer Fridge - Thao Dien
Beer Fridge - Hanoi
Beer Fridge - Thao Dien
Beer Fridge - Hanoi

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