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Platinum beer is a brand of pure craft beer of Vietnam which was first launched in 2014 by its founder - expert brewer Michael Comerton, this is the beginning to change the way consumers see beer. Currently, Vietnam has about 40 craft beer brands and has attracted attention from famous media channels like CNN or Munchies.

Platinum's journey began with the goal of merely raising the Vietnamese beer market. It means creating craft beer with excellent quality and bringing the image of Vietnamese craft beer to international friends. After that, many other brewers followed Comerton with the mission to bring great craft beer for health closer to the Vietnamese.

In order to create better quality beer, we have to constantly innovate and improve. The key to success is to believe in the philosophy of sustainable craft brewing.

All Platinum beer recipes are made from barley and 100% natural hops. More specifically, we have brewed beer under the warm fermentation process to retain the yeast for the health of consumers.

Irish founder and brewer Michael Comerton has a great love for craft beer. Despite having worked for 20 years in 12 different countries, Vietnam is the place where Michael Comerton stops and considers his second home.

Prior to his start at Platinum, Michael served as the Director of Matilda Bay Brewing Company - Australia's first craft beer brand. Here he is responsible for investing in other craft beer brands such as Beez Neez and Redback.

Despite having worked in 12 countries throughout the 20 years, Ho Chi Minh City is where Michael chose to work and live up to his passion as a leader in construction and marketing development. craft beer market in Vietnam.