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Fuzzy Logic Craft Lager.jpg

Are Craft Lagers soulless?

It may seem funny that a craft beer company like Fuzzy Logic is making a Craft Lager. But to them it is not just a bland, soulless, mass marketed beer. 

Grand opening-ENG.jpg

Grand Opening Beer Fridge Thao Dien

We would like to announce our GRAND OPENING this weekend! Join us on Friday 22 May from 5pm - 10pm & Saturday 23 May from 1pm - 10pm.

Sunset Landmark 81.jpg

New Beer Fridge Opening Soon!

Beer Fridge moved to a brand new location in Thao Dien! Our new place has a killer view of Landmark 81, and we get to enjoy amazing sunsets by the river with an ice cold beer in our hands!

Black Cats

Welcome to the Beer Fridge family: Black Cats Brewery

We like to welcome a new member of the Beer Fridge family: Black Cats Brewery! And we would love to introduce YOU to four of their beers!