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Biarchives Wednesday 13 May, 2020

Welcome to the Beer Fridge family: Black Cats Brewery

We like to welcome a new member of the Beer Fridge family: Black Cats Brewery!
And we would love to introduce YOU to four of their beers!

Black Cats Brewery was founded in tropical Mui Ne in 2018. Two of their beers are even named after Mui Ne’s famous sand dunes! The White Dunes APA and the Red Dunes IPA.

Black Cats thumbnail

The White Dunes APA has a mixture of 4 different malts and 3 types of hops, which allowed Black Cats to make the beer very similar to a classic IPA, though it’s not as strong and bitter. So, if you enjoy hoppy beers, but just can’t stand the bitterness, this unique best seller is worth the try!

Red Dunes IPA is a really delicious beer, which contains 5 different high quality malts and 4 types of hops. This mixture not only makes for a unique taste, bat also the delicious aroma, which is very appreciated by craft beer lovers.

Say you want to try a more tropical fruity flavor, you must try their Mango Ne-IPA. This seasonal beer in made with fresh mango only. No chemicals! And because of the mango’s natural sugar, it goes through a double fermentation process.

To bring a more local flavor into the mix, Black Cats Brewery made the Yellow Star. It’s a popular beer amongst local Vietnamese. The combination of simple hops and malts make for a smooth, soft taste, without any bitterness and a nice smell.

Yellow Star Logo 2

Till 14/06/2020 we give a 40% discount on Yellow Star! That makes it the cheapest bottled craft beer in Vietnam! Get it for only 29k VND.

All flavors are now available online:

We got 4 fantastic flavors:
Yellow Star (Vietnamese Ale) - Save 40%! Only 29k per bottle
White Dunes APA (American Pale Ale)
Red Dunes IPA (Indian Pale Ale)
Mango Ne-IPA (New England IPA)

Or come try out their beers at our shop in Thao Dien! We moved to a new location, so you can now find us at 8/5 Duong 49B, Thao Dien, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City.

Hotline: 0833279797.