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Biarchives Friday 18 September, 2020

Tê Tê SO CO LA Porter Chili Chorizo Beef on toast

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Today we will take you through a simple, yet amazingly well tasting recipe that really utilizes the flavours of the Tê Tê Sô-Cô-La Porter to empower and enrich the Chorizo Beer Chili.


Porter or Stout stands out when you are cooking with beer because these heavier, more tasteful beers really perform well when cooking, especially for slow cooking those hearty recipes for a rainy day, which is very relevant in the rain season in Vietnam.

In this recipe we serve it on toast, sprinkled with cheese but it can be served in Wraps, with Nachos or with Rice depending on your preference.

This recipe can feed 2-4 people depending on portion sizes, notice you will need more Tê Tê Sô-Cô-La Porter’s if you are more people for drinking with the dish.

First off you need to get the ingredients ready.



• 1 x Tê Tê Sô-Cô-La Porter
• 500g Minced good quality beef
• 2 x Chorizo Sausages
• 1 x Onion
• 1 x Garlic
• 1 x Carrot
• 1 x Tomato Concentrate
• Virgin Olive Oil
• Salt
• Pepper
• Paprika powder
• Cayenne Pepper (most important ingredient for texture)
• Cumin Seeds (giving that tex mex taste)
• Assorted Chili’s / Dried Chilies
• Dark Cocoa Powder (optional, but plays well into the Sô-Cô-La Porter)


Tê Tê Recipe Ingredients


Step 1. Turn your aircon on cold, ice cold - this is going to be a hot one.

Step 2. Chop the onion, garlic and carrot.

carrot onion

Step 3. Turn on the stove at around 80% the heat (7/9).

Step 4. Pour a few spoonfuls of Virgin Olive Oil in your pot, add the onion, garlic and carrot.

Sprinkle over Paprika and Cayenne Pepper and stir around constantly.

Until the vegetables are taking a light brown / red (from the red spices) coloring.

veggies in pan

Step 5. Add the Chorizo Sausages, chopped into smaller pieces and keep stirring non stop.

Step 6. Add the Minced Beef, and keep stirring non stop while adding Salt, Pepper, Chopped Cumin Seeds and even Cayenne Pepper.

Notice: It’s important that you keep stirring so the meat and vegetables are giving off the umami taste, if you stop stirring it will cook instead of frying.

Step 7. Once the Minced Beef is taking a light brown add in a can of Tomato Concentrate and mix it well into the dish.

add meat

Step 8. Now add in assorted chopped fresh chillies / dried chilies.

In this recipe we are using dried chili seeds as well dried ghost pepper chilis with seeds, but any combination of chillies works, depending on your ability to take the pain ;)


Step 9. Pour in half the Tê Tê Sô-Cô-La Porter and keep stirring so the Porter really gets well into the dish. Remember this replaces adding water and while the dish is cooking the Porter will function as a reduction with the steam leaving the pot and intensifying the taste of the Tê Tê Sô-Cô-La Porter into the dish, working very well together with the other main flavor givers in the dish.

Step 10. After 5 minutes reduce the heat to around 45% (4/9) and cook it for an hours time while stirring every 5 minutes (if you want the Carrots to be more crunchy you can cook it less).

Step 11. Optionally you can sprinkle over Dark Cocoa Powder in combination with Cayenne Pepper every 5 minutes, after your stir, and then leave the powders to be consumed by the stirring dish and it will slowly get thicker and have a better texture - if you like super hot after burn only use Cayenne Pepper, if you are cooking for the light hearted or children more Dark Cocoa Powder and less Cayenne Pepper.


Finally serve on fried toast, wraps, with nachos or rice and sprinkle a good cheese on top as per your preference, but a good mozzarella is never a bad choice, although in this dish we used gruyere, which has a bit more taste to it, and pour the 2nd half of the Tê Tê Sô-Cô-La Porter into a glass and serve with the food.

Enjoy, and remember this dish can easily be adapted to many different variations depending on meat and spices but adding those tasteful flavours from the Tê Tê Sô-Cô-La Porter.

finished dish


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