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Biarchives Friday 09 July, 2021

How To Pair Pasta & Beer

One of the challenges of pairing beer and food is to create a combination that elevates the flavor of both. It’s time to put the combination of pasta and beer to the test! We recommend these beer styles to pair with your choice of pasta.

Post Beer Food Pairing Guide Pasta

Seafood Linguine + Wheat beer: Seafood linguine - a tender mix of prawns, mussels and squid are cooked with garlic, chili and sweet tomatoes. This dish pairs well with wheat beer - which is naturally sweet, light, and refreshing. The natural sweetness of seafood and vegetables will be amplified by the slight sweetness of this type of beer.

Spinach Ravioli + Lager: Spinach Ravioli with a warm and creamy filling stuffed with spinach is perfect to pair with the light malt and hops characters of lager beers. The lager won’t overpower the creaminess.

Macaroni Cheese + IPA: IPAs can be bitter and hoppy, need to be paired with food with similarly strong tastes so it won’t overpower the dish. The sweetness of the fermented fruit, the bitter and cool taste of the citrus fruits in IPA will create a balance taste when combined with greasy flavor of Mac and Cheese.

Spaghetti Bolognese + Bitter: Bitter beers have effervescent characters, citral notes, a hoppy aroma, and a light-to-medium body, which enhances the flavor of the beef mince, tomato sauces and basil in Spaghetti Bolognese.

Spaghetti Carbonara + Stout: If you’re in the mood for something darker and more robust, try Spaghetti Carbonara with a delicious stout beer. This combination makes a great float. The smooth, full-bodied Stout is perfectly contrast against the rich creamy flavour of Spaghetti Carbonara.

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Beer and food are really similar. Sometimes it is simplicity that makes it great, while other times it is the complexity. But when it is great, you know it.

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