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Biarchives Friday 28 May, 2021

Experience Craft Beer in Vietnam

Experience the wondrous world of local craft beer with Beer Fridge! Let us take you on a journey through Vietnam, one beer at a time… with the Vietnamese Craft Experience Bundle.

BF Thumbnail craft beer journey through vietnam

First stop is Hanoi! Let’s open that Sơn Sette from Overmorrow and let your tastebuds travel to the mountain side in the North.

Overmorrow’s beers are made with ingredients from Vietnam's cane fields, rice paddies, and mountain slopes. Just as they've gained from their travels, they like to think that these traditional styles gained something special as they made their way to 'Overmorrow'.

We're taking a trip to the beach in Da Nang, the City of Bridges, with the award winning 7 Bridges Beach Blonde Ale.

7 Bridges offers a wide range of high quality craft beer in Ha Noi, An Bang and Da Nang. They aim to 'bridge' the gap between local and international beer tastes by offering tailor made beers for the people of Vietnam.

As we go down South towards. Saigon, it’s time to open the it’s time to open the East West Summer Hefeweizen and Heart of Darkness Dream Alone

Crowded, lively and bustling city barely scratches the surface of describing the city in the heart of Vietnam, where East West Brewing and Heart of Darkness share their love of craft.

The love of East West Brewing began with the search for flavor of discovering the perfect balance of taste and aroma. Heart of Darkness began in New York City where the founder fell in love with the American craft beer scene. Heart of Darkness is all about duality, good and evil, sane and insane, big, bold, crafted brews that will challenge the way you think about beer. Thirst quenching, session beers that will have you bouncing off the walls.

Traveling further down we make a stop at Can Gio, which Rooster Beers was inspired by.

Rooster brings premium hops from Yakima Chief in the US and quality barley from Belgium to Vietnam to produce clean, cool, and premium beers, like their Rooster Blonde

Time for our last stop: Long An, where Belgo's brewery is located. The Belgian founders made the greatest decision ever when they decided to combine the Belgian beer culture with Vietnam’s beer culture. 4 key factors were identified to ensure that true quality beer could be produced: traditional recipes, equipment from Belgium, premium ingredients and Belgian Brewmasters.

Take this journey with us! 

Order the Vietnamese Craft Experience Bundle now:

Vietnamese Craft Experience Bundle

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