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Biarchives Wednesday 06 January, 2021

Best Selling Craft Beers of 2020

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2020 was a year full of awesome brewers and amazing beers here in Ho Chi Minh City.  Let us introduce you to the TOP 6 BEST SELLING beers from these Craft Beer Champions. 

beer champ article banner pasteur

Pasteur Jasmine IPA
Pasteur Street Brewing did a great job with this beer. It has been the best-selling IPA in Vietnam for as long as we can remember. This unfiltered IPA has 3 hop varietals, most notably Citra. Locally, dried jasmine flowers are added during the boil to imbue the brew with a wonderful aroma. 

beer champ article banner te te

Tê Tê Electric IPA
The Electric IPA is a medium body beer with a golden orange haze. The fruity aroma is brought to life by American and Kiwi hops and a pinch of lemon zest. It will electrify your tastebuds for sure! 

beer champ article banner rooster

Rooster Blonde
Rooster Blonde is made for the heat of Saigon. One crisp sip cuts through the stress of a long day. Rooster Blonde is very clean and clear, with a hint of citrus from Citra hop. This is an ale with plenty of malt character - the perfect all day drinker.

beer champ article banner east west

East West Brewing Pacific Pilsner
What sets East West's Pacific Pilsner apart from the mass Pilsners styles is for one they use all barley malt. They are also generous with the hops including a light Citra hop addition late in the brewing process for a lively burst of aroma. This beer will be welcome to those who seek light easy to drink beer.

The Pacific Pilsner (and 2 other flavors) are also available in boxes of 12

beer champ article banner HOD

Heart Of Darkness Kurtz's Insane IPA
Heart of Darkness's biggest, hoppiest beer. A wonderfully vibrant beer, with grapefruit and piney tones, they’ve crammed in 7 kinds of hops which deliver a full blown assault on your taste buds. This is a big but beautifully balanced IPA, with a bright.

This classic HOD beer is also available in the Heart Of Cans 6 pack, together with other HOD best sellers Dream Alone and BiA

beer champ article banner winking seal

Winking Seal One Eye Imperial IPA
This IPA was born in Czechoslovakia traditionally floor-malted body straight from the Kingdom of Bohemia. The only thing bigger that his ego is the bitterness. This guy is dry hopped on Mosaic & New Zealand Cascasde that deliver tropical & citrus aromas.

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